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Embark on your SMP Career with SMP Training Academy

Although in its current form, SMP was initiated in 2002, conceptual utilization dates back to 1970. Since its beginning in 2002, Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) has become a popular hair loss treatment. Today, this treatment is being offered by hair transplant, hair loss, and medical spa clinics.

As a lucrative industry with permanent solutions to hair loss, SMP is affordable, non-surgical, all-natural, and non-invasive. In response to this demand, SMP Training Academy was formed by SMP Hair Tattoo Clinic. Being practicing SMP technicians with years of experience and talent, our highly trained SMP helps you learn the right techniques and processes. Our value-added training course can help you with your new SMP career.

Before delving into our SMP training services, let’s look at the basic understanding of the process, SMP itself.

Understanding Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) is an all-natural, non-invasive, affordable, non-surgical, and safe hair loss procedure. In the next two sections, the process and Its uses have been elaborated. Understanding the process in brief detail will give you some foundation to see if this field will be suited for you or not.

SMP process

Scalp Micropigmentation is primarily intended for hair follicle restoration by replicating the look of hair follicles with specialized ink pigment to appear like real hair. SMP is a popular treatment method due to its effectiveness in dealing with severe MPB and minor thinning conditions. SMP uses an electric tattoo device to ensure the pigment is deposited in the right depth of the scalp using very fine needles.

The amount of scalp coverage is the determinant of price and the process duration. Density gives an idea as to the number of follicles and color usage. The process will entail the proper blending of pigmented follicles with real hair follicles, giving an all-natural and realistic look.

Uses of Scalp Micropigmentation

Many patients seeking the treatment assume that SMP is aimed at people with hair loss to achieve an added texture to thinning hair. Moreover, it improves the freshly shaved aesthetic look. However, in contrast, the reality is that SMP can be utilized for various reasons, e.g., receding hairlines can be edged up with SMP. It is just a single example. Let us look at multiple other benefits:

  • Blending Birthmarks
  • Burn and surgery-related baldness
  • Density addition to thinning hair
  • Hiding scars resulting from transplants
  • Blending moles, scars, or blemishes
  • Managing loss of hair from scaring alopecias or alopecia totalis
  • Usage by women to diminish the contrast between head and scalp.

Components of our SMP Training Course

Are you looking to have a successful career in the SMP industry? You have come to the right place. In the highly-profitable cosmetic and hair loss business, having the proper training and knowledge can take you a long way.

Our SMP training academy offers two full days of the training course from 10 am to 3 pm. We also ensure the best possible and convenient online support with 3-months support. The first day of the course deals with understanding the SMP process aided by our SMP experts’ comprehensive outline. Various fruits such as melon and bananas are used to develop an in-depth understanding of the working process of SMP. The SMP theory and practice alike are explored from every angle to make you familiar with fundamentals.  

Besides making you a certified SMP practitioner, our scalp micro pigmentation course will help you develop a fundamental understanding of the SMP process that can support you tap the unexplored potential in this trendy market. Both practical and theoretical concepts will be covered in an intensive two-day training program.

What topics will be covered in our Scalp Micropigmentation Course?

  • SMP brief history and applications
  • Understanding documents dealing with client consent and other legal matters.
  • Understanding the various pigment types and SMP equipment.
  • Understanding the follicle depth and size.
  • Understanding side profiles how-to-knowhow of drawing the hairline.
  • Understanding how to pick the right pigment and needle for individual client cases.
  • Understanding how to Set up your SMP sanitation, equipment, and hygiene processes.
  • Mastering hand control on fruits, latex, and model (live).
  • Understanding how to mix into hair that already exists.
  • Understanding the mastering the scalp and hairline with follicle size, correct density, and depth.

Are you interested to be a Model in Scalp Micropigmenaion (SMP)?

If you are thinking to do SMP and would like to get a 25% discount on the procedure, why not become one of our SMP models? The treatments will be fully supervised by the SMP teacher to ensure the same professional results obtained for every one of our clients.

Time and model availability are essential factors in determining a specific deal. If you would like to be a model, please contact us via the contact page as soon as possible because training slots are subject to availability.

That’s all you need to know for making an informed decision to pursue a career in SMP modeling. Please fill out the online form or call our toll-free number ((855) 922-0555) for more information on our SMP training certification course’s specials and latest pricing.