SMP Training

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SMP (scalp micropigmentation) is a booming and lucrative industry. SMP treatments have become a staple for thousands of people, both men and women suffering from hair loss. As such, training to become a certified SMP technician has boomed in the last decade.

So, this article explains scalp micropigmentation and details on how you can successfully train to become a SMP technician.

What is SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation)?

Someone faced with hair loss can have the appearance of hair stubble growth in the bald areas by adding pigment to the scalp with a procedure called Scalp Micropigmentation. As an alternative to a hair transplant, it helps simulate the look of a buzz cut or shaved head.

Scalp micropigmentation is known also known as:

  • Scalp Tricopigmentation
  • Scalp tattoo
  • Hair Tattoo
  • Hair Follicle Simulation

Similar to a regular tattoo, the SMP process involves placing individual dots of specialized pigment in the bald or balding areas. the skin. But, the pigment quantities are so small that they look like freshly cut small hair follicles.

How SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) works?

SMP (scalp micropigmentation) therapy works in two primary ways.

Adding pigmentation to scalp areas with no hair at all is the first way. It gives the appearance of a head that is clean shaven.

SMP can also be used in a second way that involves areas with thin hair. SMP adds the appearance of thinning hair by adding pigment spots between the hair follicles.

Scalp Micropigmentation therapy is not only applied in natural baldness cases. Surgery, injury, or even hair transplants cause significant scarring on many patient’s scalps. Also, scar tissues with no hair follicles support can be treated with SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) therapy.

Why is SMP Industry Popular?

Altering the appearance of scalps that suffer from pattern baldness is the main reason for SMP usage. The significant number of people suffering from baldness plays a big role in Scalp pigmentation’s increasing popularity. Baldness is caused by a change in hormones that occurs over time and experienced mostly by men while growing older.

Affecting more than 30 million women and 50 million men in the USA, androgenetic alopecia is the medical name for genetic hair loss. Half of all men aged over 50 are affected by this condition.

Pattern baldness is not a severe medical condition. Nevertheless, it is connected with mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

As a relatively modern approach to hair loss, SMP’s main advantages are that it uses technology used by clinics for normal tattoos over the years but revised with special needle tips and pigment just for SMP. So, the client doesn’t have to consider any health problems or side effects. The technique does not require any advanced medical operation. It is a very straightforward method of treating hair loss.

SMP Training

In this fast-growing industry, SMP (Scalp micro pigmentation) training gives you all the skills you will need to be a successful practitioner.

SMP training offers a unique appeal because you don’t need to have a medical or esthetics background as a pre-requisite. You can become proficient in the SMP technique in a short time by undertaking Scalp Micropigmentation courses. After deciding to join the industry, you can start your practice quickly.

SMP Training Academy offers a 2-day training course to teach you the scalp micropigmentation techniques. Our courses include detailed training on the following topics:

  • Proper hairline design
  • Needle specification
  • Pigment/color mixing
  • Blending techniques
  • Sanitation and sterilization
  • Skin color matching analysis
  • Proper station set up

Currently, there are many SMP courses available in the hair loss market. However, receiving proper instructions on the process is essential. Various course providers are offering incorrect or incomplete information about the SMP process.

Some courses don’t give correct instructions on the best natural hairlines creation techniques or blend pigments with real hair follicles correctly despite offering necessary information about the process. Also, many courses do not adequately guide students on proper pigments and needles usage.

Providing your clients with quality professional service helps build your business and your reputation and increase satisfaction. Hence, the above factors are crucial to consider before making any decision.

Why should You Get SMP Training?

The skills you need to join a fast-growing and lucrative industry can be easily nurtured with a Scalp pigmentation training. There is a massive market looking for hair loss treatments with 30 million women and 50 million men experiencing baldness.

To resolve common baldness problems, more and more, people depend on modern technologies. SMP works 100%, and most of the time, other hair loss treatments are unreliable in hair re-growth.

SMP therapy gives clients the confidence needed to fix their hair issue. The fact that the results are permanent and no side effects strengthen the strong reputation leading to client confidence. The anxiety associated with hair loss pushes people to want a solution they can trust.

So, all in all, practitioners can make a lucrative career due to high SMP demand.

Spread out over several weeks, the service for which clients are paying is between 2 to 4 sessions. With at least one client each week, a single practitioner can make foreseeable $10,000 or more per month.

You can begin earning money very quickly because the training provided by SMP Training Academy can be completed in 2 days.

Key Takeaway

Now, you know what SMP is and why it is such a lucrative industry.

Millions of people are looking for solutions to get their confidence back as they suffer from baldness. In modern society, problems they previously were perceived not solvable, are dealt with technological solutions. More and more people become aware as the market is expanding, leading to higher consumer confidence.

SMP is a fast-growing and people are willing to pay large amounts of money for the above reasons. You can benefit from the industry’s lucrative growth by learning the skills you need to succeed and getting in early.

So, why not get scalp micropigmentation training and join this booming industry? It can provide you with the skills and a lucrative job to carry out a highly sought after service. You can work independently for yourself, grow your own business, doing something you are highly skilled, and earn a lot of money.

So, what’s stopping you from becoming an SMP practitioner? Join our course today and change lives! Visit to start your new career in SMP.